The Platform Show

Roxanne will come to your home and read the party guests as she is guided to by Spirit.  There is no guarantee that all guests will receive a personal reading, though we often receive the information we need to hear as we listen to the messages given to others!

There is a minimum of 6 participants required at a cost of $45.00 each.  For seven or more participants the cost is reduced to $40.00 each.If you live over 1 hours drive from Macksville the cost for as minimum of 6 participants is $55.00 each.  For 7 or more participants it is $50.00 each.


The Reading Party

Roxanne will come to your home and read each of your party guests  individually.  These readings are done in privacy and may be recorded if desired. A guest may choose a 20 minute reading or a  45 minute reading.There is a minimum of 6 participants required. A 20 minute reading is $50.00  + $7.00 if you would like it recorded onto CD.A 45 minute reading is $110.00 and includes a recording of the reading.If you live over 1 hours drive from Macksville, the cost is $55.00 each (plus $7.00 for CD) or for a 45min reading $130.00 (includes CD)


The Entertainer Party

This party is for large gatherings where you need or would like to entertain your guests, ideal for weddings while photos are being taken etc or parties of that nature. I do short  (5 min p/p) one question readings or a general spread of cards for your guests,  its a great ice breaker and conversation starter. There is no minimum with this as it is charged by the hour $200/hr regardless of the venue.


Mobile EFTPOS & Credit Card Transaction Facility available on asking.