Just wanted to let you know that you did a reading for me not so long ago & so far all has been pretty accurate, you told me to warn my son to be more careful as you could see a pregnancy, well it turned out to be my daughter who is pregnant, also you told me of my partner being ill & you said once they find out the problem she will mend quite quickly, it turned out she had Guardia, maybe not the right spelling, but after all sorts of tests they finally found it, they have now treated it & changed her medication like you said & she is now on the mend.

Thank you, I had so much fun when you did the reading & it helped me to accept myself & the love of my partner with more of an open heart, I feel like I have thrown away some of my baggage I have carried for such along time, and my confidence seems to be growing with every passing day.
Good luck to you, and good luck in all you do, hope to catch up with you again soon.

Bernadette - Tuncurry 30/6/2006




Mel Stack


Roxanne is highly insightful, very accurate and always helpful.. Blessed Be

· · about 9 months ago (Dec 2013)



SuzyandKen Champ


Roxanne is amazing she hits the nail on the head and the most lovely genuine person you could meet


 · · about 8 months ago (Feb 2014)



Debbie Minett


I look forward to the weekly card spreads.


 · · about 6 months ago (April 2014)



Elizabeth Nichols


Roxanne is a wonderful and accurate reader, she has enlightened me on various questions I have asked. I value her readings ❤️


 · · about 2 months ago (Aug 2014)





 I recently had a reading from Roxanne and I would highly recommend her for a reading. May I also recommend you have an hour session, for the messages and accuracy are truly amazing!! I left feeling at peace with the knowledge that my loved ones are watching over me and although things might not be to my liking, I am on the right path. Thankyou Roxanne


Kellie Forrest

14 October, 2014


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