Face to Face

This type of reading is usually conducted at Whispering Butterflies in Macksville or regularly at Taree & Maitland. The cost is $140 for 45 mins -1 hr or $70 for a half hour reading. The 45 min - 1 hr reading all include a recording (MP3 format) emailed to you.

If you live no more than one hours drive from Macksville, Roxanne will come to your home to do a reading at a cost of $160.00 for 45 mins - 1 hr (recording Included).



Phone, Skype

Or FaceTime

This type of reading is for those that live a distance away. An appointment is made, at this time I will give you banking details for you to deposit into or (credit card option available) allowing bookings straight away. When funds have cleared I will then ring to confirm appointment and then call at the appointed time. Each reading lasts a duration of 45 mins - 1 hour and a recording (both ends of the conversation will be heard) is supplied and then emailed. The cost of this is $140.00 for a landline or $150.00 for a mobile. Or 30 minuets for $70.00 (landline) or $80.00  (mobile) recording included.



This type of reading consists of you asking  a specific, one part questions when booking your reading, which Roxanne answers via email. The cost is $25 for each question.

To receive the clearest answer possible it is important that you provide Roxanne with the SPECIFIC area of your life you want to know about eg, health, love, wealth, family, relationships, work/career

Examples of questions that are appropriate:

* Will I have a job within 6 months?

* Will I recover from........

* What will be the outcome of my operation?

* Is my partner faithful?

* Will I marry my current partner?

* What will happen with my love (health, wealth) in the next 6 months.


* a general reading please

* what will happen for me in the next 6 months


(see terms & conditions for more info)


Mobile EFTPOS & Credit Card Transaction Facility available on asking.