• I am an adult of at least 18 years of age.

  • I am not from a country, state, or province, which may prohibit esoteric content, reports, information, and access to online consultations.

  • I acknowledge and accept that advertising or soliciting in any form on any part of website without the express written permission of Roxanne Abdullah.

  •  I acknowledge that all online, phone and face to face transactions are non-refundable. If less than 48 hours notice is given for a cancellation of a booking of a reading the fee will be forfeited. If more than 48 hours notice is given for a cancellation of a booking, automatic rescheduling of the booking is not guaranteed but is dependent on availability within future sessions.

  • I agree that Roxanne Tickle, may terminate a reading, consultation or client service offered on this website or via this organisation in person, at a live event or workshop, on the phone, online or via other websites they are working with such as Facebook, if they deem the questions or interaction from a client to be innappropriate or impeding on another person’s privacy in any way. Whispering Butterflies as an organisation will not engage in behaviour or practice that they deem unprofessional or out of integrity.

  • How Roxanne delivers her readings:

Roxanne prides herself on providing a psychic reading service that is not a pay-per-minute psychic service. Roxanne guarantees to answer your questions directly and devoid of unnecessary information. The value of her reading is not measured by the length of the answers, but in providing you with the information that is most appropriate and relevant to your questions and therefore your life and future.

Roxanne will ask you to be specific about what you want to know because it is your time & money that you have invested in your reading.

In order to ensure that you always get the most accurate and useful information from Roxanne, here we clarify what she does and doesn’t do in a reading. Roxanne does not:

  • Predict the winning lottery numbers, winning horses, sports games results or provide any information on any form of gambling. These are all games of chance and are not predictable due to the variables and energy of so many involved. 

  • Answer questions you may ask about others if she feels that they don’t directly impact your life. Purchasing a reading is about you and your life. Roxanne finds it is unprofessional and out of integrity to answer on private issues in your reading that another adult individual has not consulted her on, unless it affects the way you live. For example, if you want to ask questions about your young children that is fine because you are directly responsible for them, but if you wish to ask questions out of curiosity rather than their direct impact on you, she reserves the right to not answer and will inform you, that it has no bareing on your life. Roxanne has worked hard for many years to deliver and maintain a professional service and with a no nonsense attidude and will continue to reserve the right to do so by not answering questions that she feels are asked without genuine good intent.

  • Will only give you guenuine information in any of her readings, hard as that might be sometimes to hear. It will not help you on your life path or assist you to find your life purposes without the absolute truth and direct information from Roxanne. She can be harsh with her advice, but it is delivered with understanding and love, knowing that you will be able to use it practically in your life. Be sure that you want to know the answer to a question before you ask it.

  • Talk in generalities. She will be specific with her information and ask that you are specific with any questions that you ask her.

  • Interpret or change what her and your guides say in any way. A reading is about you and for you and the information that is past on to Roxanne from her guides will go directly to you without interpretation or changing in any way. She guarantees to not invest any of her beliefs, but will draw on life experience and her counselling knowledge to assist in obtaining realistic outcomes in a reading, to ensure that you are receiving the exact message that you need to receive.

  • Make general predictions relating to world events. Roxanne is interested in assisting you to make the best life choices for your future.


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