I had been a skeptic of these practices prior to my wedding in 2003. A friend suggested I have a reading, holding onto my skepticism I had Roxanne do a reading for me, without voicing my questions to Roxanne to my surprise, revealed a family secret which no one but the family knew of. Also during this reading I asked about future children for myself and my sister-in-law, her reply was that my sister-in-law was already pregnant and that I would be within 3 months or so both of us having fair haired boys, my sister-in-law found out 2 weeks later that she was indeed pregnant by 9 weeks. We now both have fair haired, blue eyed boys.

On other occasions Roxanne has told me of other pregnancies with accuracy, she has also been accurate with helping my husband and I in finding a house and the price range we would get it for (the house described with great detail). I could continue the countless times Roxanne has been right. I was once a sceptic and it really is a case of how you perceive the information given to you. Roxanne is honest, passionate and tactful. It gives me great comfort knowing there is someone out there looking out for me. Roxanne has a true gift that she takes seriously and uses it for the good and comfort of others.

I highly recommend everyone give it a go and who better than Roxanne. 

Angela - Engadine NSW




Seeing Roxanne is the equivalent to coming home. Every reading is personal and intimate in the best possible way. I look forward to seeing her every time

Kristy-Lee Taree 6/12/20.


Roxanne's insight and ability to provide the insight and messages needed is outstanding!!

A true Universally/spiritually connected lady.

Dahlene 27/11/18.




Roxanne has a special talent, she amazed me when she mentioned my father's spirits and that he was in his early 60's when he had recently passed with cancer.

She also told me of the initial of the nurse that looked after my father.

Roxanne did a phone reading with me and I found her just unbelievable. She has given me a wide view of my world.   

Collins - Victoria 27/02/07.


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