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How to choose a psychic without getting fleeced....


With so much uncertainty in the world today its little wonder that psychics, clairvoyants and mediums are in demand - and they seem to be popping up everywhere. With the production of the TV show The One, showcasing Australias most gifted psychics, it has propelled this so-called hocus-pocus witchy stuff into the mainstream, with some psychic readers now calling themselves psychic counsellors in place of traditional counselling.


If youve always wanted to consult a psychic to answer some of the question marks in your life and you werent sure how to go about it - here are the essentials you need to know in choosing one thats right for you.

What is a psychic?


Not just called psychics, people with 'abilities' also come under the umbrella of psychic, clairvoyant, medium or a combination of all three. The differences between them are:

    Psychic - someone who can tell you information relating to yourself.
    Clairvoyant - someone who can see you but also your family members and friends and get sense of them as well.
    Medium - can be both a psychic and a clairvoyant, as well as contacting those that have passed over.


Every human being is born with the gift of intuition. The difference between a psychic/clairvoyant/medium is the degree to which they tap into and use their gift. Every reader is different but generally they are drawn to this work after having a profoundly emotional experience in life that has made them more aware and in tune with their intuition. Some however, are simply born with a gift that they have developed over time. Psychics believe we all have the gift of intuition to varying degrees.

How to choose the right psychic


The best way to chose a psychic is by word of mouth. However, like any relationship, you have to connect with the person, not just rely on the recommendation from a friend. Katrina-Jane, a clairvoyant medium based in Newcastle, describes choosing a psychic similar to choosing a hairdresser. Just because a friend experienced a great hair cut and they refer you to that hairdresser, doesnt necessarily mean they are going to do the same for you. Ring the psychic first, get a feel for them over the phone, check out their website, their testimonials, then make your decision. 

Steer clear of readers who guarantee 100 percent that they will get it right - there is no such thing. Also, you may not always hear what you want to hear in a reading as not all readings bear good news. You will be told what is important for you to hear by the spirit guides.

Other ways to find a psychic


    Psychic fairs - the best way to choose a psychic at a fair is to go with whomever you are drawn to.

    TV and radio - just because some psychics have exposure on radio and TV, doesnt necessarily mean they are better than those who dont. Do your research and go with the one that feels right.

    Google  do a search on Google to see who is in your area. Also check out members of the Australian Psychic Association.

    Avoid phoning 0055 and 1800 psychic lines - these people are trained to keep you on the phone and as the minutes tick by, so does your money. And whatever you do, do not call them after a few glasses of wine!


How much should I be paying?


Costs vary but its always better to go with what you feel you are willing to pay. Its a good idea to go with someone who has the option of a 30 minutes and 1 hour readings - that way you can try them out first. You will obviously pay more for someone who has more exposure on TV and radio, but this does not necessarily mean they are better than others. You can expect to pay around $40-$60 for a 30-minute reading and $80-$120 for a one-hour reading.
What happens at a psychic reading


Different psychic readers use different tools. Some use tarot cards, some use personal items (such as a ring or necklace) to get a feel for you, and some, such as clairvoyant Roxanne Tickle, a regular on MaxFM and 2RE on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales says, "I can get a real sense of someone within the first five minutes over the phone". Roxanne adds, If you aren't meant to know something or change something, I would not pick it up. My guides only give me what is changeable or other paths you may choose. For this reason some readers are labelled as wrong, this is not always true, they may just be showing you that you have choice. 


It makes no difference to a psychic whether they read you over the phone or in person, however some feel it more personal to be face-to-face. You should ask, when you make your appointment, to see if the psychic requires you to bring any personal items with you. Readings are usually recorded on CD or tape, or you can take notes.

If they can read me, then do I need to ask questions?

Of course you should ask questions. You are going to get a more accurate reading if you do. Roxanne explains that she often asks her clients if what she is telling them makes sense, that way she can gauge whether the reading is on the right track. If you dont ask questions, you may get a reading that may be more about those around you than specifically answering your questions.


Its also a good idea to ask for proof at the reading - that means being told something specific about you that could not be a generalisation. And remember, be prepared to hear what you dont necessarily want to hear. 


Justine Wilson is a mother, a writer and blogs at Inner Adventures.


Roxanne is interviewed by Kidspot.