1.    Q. How do psychic readings work?

A. Everything that exists is energy. Psychics are able to tap into a range of different types of energy so that they can provide information specific to an individual. This information comes in different ways to different readers, the same information can be given to different readers with different interpretations. Psychic's, Clairvoyants & Mediums use many different methods of tapping into the energy that is you and those around you to interpret it to provide you with information to guide you on your path and with issues surrounding you.

2.    Q. How do Email Readings work?

A. Like any form or technowledge I use the frequency of the energy and intent from the writer to tap into their energy of the question to retrieve the information that is required. So the clearer you are on your question and the intent behind it, gives the greatest accuracy. Give yourself proper time to compose your question well.

3.    Q. What do you use in readings?

A. Tarot cards, and my guides are my connection to your energy and your guides during my readings. The cards provide a quick insight, and prompts, such as a chapter heading in a book or a text prompt, and my guides assist me with more information or an expantion on that information, giving me insight into the client as needed, just like the chapter of a book or a movie.

4.    Q. What happens in a reading?

A. All readings are unique and always deal with a past, present and future. I am there to convey or translate information from your guides and loved one to you.  During the reading my guides are instrumental in providing the core information, and help me find the answers to the client’s questions. I always try to read in the positive; I will never tell you what you have to do I will always give you options because I believe strongly in free will and choice. I can only give you a likely outcome in a situation because of that fact. As a medium it is not unusual for the spirit world to come through to me however saying that they don't always have things to say, sometimes it's just to let us know they are there and ok.

5.    Q. What is a Clairvoyant?

A. A Clairvoyant is someone that has an inner knowing, this can incorporate a sense of thought, feeling and vision such as recalling a dream or memory. They have the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision which is often referred to as Clear Vision.

6.   Q. What is a Medium?

A. Mediumship is speaking to people that are passed from this life. It works in line with my clairvoyancy so that I get a mind’s eye vision of the person, I get a sense of them being around and they communicate with me through my thoughts. Conversing with someone that has passed is like talking to guides, but they are just learning to communicate, sometimes they can be very clear, sometimes it is very difficult, so I usually build a clear picture through the energy they were when they were alive, which can then be expanded upon depending on how strong the connection is.

7.   Q. What is the difference between a Clairsentient and an Empathic?

A. Clairsentient is where you feel the energy of the person while empathy is where you take on the energy of the person. As a Clairsentient I gain an insight into someones emotions just by sitting with them, while as an Empath I feel what they are feeling, their emotions, illness and bodily ailments when I allow a connection. As an Empathic person and a reader I have learnt to keep this at bay until I read someone. Some people can struggle with this if they are unaware that they have this ability. Clairsentience can wash over you but Empath can stick, its a little like you get an overwhelming feeling of someone you know being in trouble or sad, as aposed to suddenly feeling unwell for no apparent reason when you've thought about someone.

8.  Q. What are Guides?

A. Guides or Spirit Guides (also known as Angels) are two terms that mean the same thing. I believe they are highly evolved beings that guide and teach us throughout our lives. We are all assigned one on arrival to this world and depending on your life purpose will gather others to assist you through life, you only have to listen and trust in your own inner knowing to feel their presence. For those that have opened themselves and embraced their spiritual gifts they become able to help guide others through them.

9.  Q. What Type of Questions can I ask in an Email Reading?

A. The questions must be clear and specific. They cannot be open ended and loaded with multiple questions in one.

Good Questions:

  • When will I meet someone?

  • Is my relationship heading in the right direction?

  • With my work how do you see this going for me?

  • Should I change careers or stay in my current position?

  • When do you see me finding work in my chosen field?

  • Are my 3 children all heading in the right direction?

  • Do you see me moving house?

  • Will I have a job within 6 months?

  • Will I recover from........

  • What will be the outcome of my operation?

  • Is my partner faithful?

  • Will I marry my current partner?

  • What will happen with my love (health, wealth, career) in the next 6 months?

Open Ended Questions:

  • What’s going to happen in my love life?

  • Where am I going with my career?

  • a general reading please!

  • what will happen for me in the next 6 months?

Loaded Questions:

  • I want to know about my kids, how are each of them going and are there any more in my future? This is 3 questions loaded into one.


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